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Vacate cleaning – Things Only Professional Cleaners Know!!

To start with, a thorough end of lease cleaning is a backbreaking task for every tenant. However, every tenant has to take this responsibility to return the rental premises in an aesthetic condition. After all, it is going to help obtain the security deposit (the bond money) back from the landlords.

Once again, you need to hire experienced and professional vacate cleaning experts in Canberra for the best end of lease cleaning chore. It is because they know which things to focus on to impress even the fussiest landlords.

DIY attempts always fail in achieving the best possible results. That is why consider hiring a professional bond cleaning company in Canberra. Choose someone well-versed with the highly effective end of lease cleaning tricks and use the best quality tools and non-toxic products.

You have to agree to this part that professional cleaners hold those brilliant tricks that can transform your dirty and disorganized rental property into a graceful and hygienic place once again.

So, here is a checklist of top things only professional bond cleaners know about Bond Back Cleaning in Canberra. So, here we go!

  1. Olive Oil to Treat Fingerprints

As you can see that professional cleaning is not always about using those harsh chemicals. Sometimes, fingerprints all over the fridge bother you since getting rid of fingerprints is not easy. But experts imply a great trick here. They often use a few drops of olive oil on a paper towel and wipe down the stainless steel. And you will find the results super impressive!

  1. Slowly Pulling the Vacuum Cleaner

Bond back cleaning professionals know how to use the vacuum cleaner so it can deliver the best results. Did you know that pulling the vacuum could help you remove soil and dust in a better way? So, it is all about slowing down the process while pulling the machine to sucking the dust from the floor coverings.

  1. Steam Cleaning for Removing Residue from Carpets

It is really hard to get rid of the residues from the carpet no matter how hard you try. That’s why pros find it imperative to steam clean for the removal of stains and soil.

  1. Cornstarch for Shiny Window Glass

Even though the markets are flooded with various advanced commercial cleaning products that promise to make your window glasses, glass doors and mirrors shiny and sparkling clean and shiny, pro cleaners use cornstarch to get the same result! Who knew?!

  1. Always start from the top

Experts suggest sprucing up a room from the top and then proceed to the bottom. In this way, you will never have to sweep a surface twice. They start by cleaning the ceiling fan and make their way down towards the light fittings and fixtures, doors, windows, blinds, picture frames, and then they come to the carpet and hard floors.

Also, there are hacks for toilet cleaning, using a magical cleaning sponge made of melamine foam, pumice Stone for toilet rings, and many other brilliant hacks professional cleaners use. We will be discussing them in our upcoming blogs. So, keep in touch!